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The Future of Web Design 2020 And Beyond

To date, the ever-growing web world has more than 2 billion websites and less than a billion active websites. Every day countless new websites are incorporated into the market to intensify the competition. As a website owner, you need to embrace the latest ideas and follow the development trends.

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A few regular benefits of Learning with audiobooks

In an attempt to seek knowledge, the use of the most appropriate learning method to an individual is of paramount importance. Some years back, learning in Australia was limited to oral lecturing and reading of books. In some way, this disadvantaged many students, especially those with special needs such as visual impairment and hearing complications.

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Understanding web color for awesome websites

Choosing the best color background for your website is quite challenging, especially if you are not certain about color coordination ability. Furthermore, understanding web color can also be difficult if you completely feel that you are not an experienced designer.

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5 essential benefits of an SSL Certificate

Have you ever visited a website then a warning popped up about the security of the website you were about to visit? Well, this is just but the flagging being done by browsers on websites that do not have the

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8 Reasons to have videos on your website.

In the modern world, many businesses in Australia have adopted the use of videos on their various business websites. Conveying business messages using videos is an effective way of attracting many prospective customers and engaging them on the subject website.

Making a website eCommerce ready

The key role of having an eCommerce ready website for your event will be to advertise event tickets as well as making it easy for people attending to easily buy the tickets.


A guide for web design for small business

With the growth of digital marketing in Australia, websites have particularly become crucial for the growth of any business. A guide for web design and hosting for small business can be extremely helpful, and stop time wasting.

What You Need to Know About Website Bandwidth

Have you ever wondered why the contents of one website tend to load faster than those of another? This is the effect of bandwidth. Bandwidth refers to the traffic and the amount of data that can be moved between your website, your website users and the internet. Bandwidth can also be explained as a pipe that allows data to travel through it, so the larger the pipe width, the faster the data will move from your site to the user’s browser.

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Websites Design Ideas for business

Event Management Programs: Are you an event manager or thinking of setting up an event management business. Well at STG Web Developers we have many solutions that integrate with the standard systems and more. Managing your events has never been


Best money saving websites 2019

The business world has become quite competitive, making both small and large businesses struggle. The primary solution for any business is a remarkable and outstanding website.


SEO website design tips

Whenever we use the available search engines such as Yahoo, Google, Bing or Duck Duck. Or go to look up for information we need we type in specific keywords and a page of websites.  SEO website design tips can make