Wordpress Website Design Packages

In this article we are going to focus on wordpress website design packages for business. The normal reaction of many business owners when confronted with website packages and pricing is to wonder why the costs are so high.

What we would like to do is outline what it takes to put together a successful website and the potential cost associated with each phase. It would be great to put together a simple website development form and place it on our website. That really wouldn’t help you understand what is involved and the critical factors associated with content management systems such as wordpress.

WordPress Website Design Packages Guide

Project Type Price Range Comments
Single landing page $1000 to $3000 These pages are great for providing a specially designed page for a specific marketing program. Or the showcasing of a specific product or service.
Normal business website (5 to 10 Pages) $2500 to $6900 Generally used to showcase a businesses services. It may include a small amount of ecommerce functionality but not a full shop.
Large Business website (10 to 20 pages) $4500 to $10,000 A large showcase website may include advanced security features due to the businesses world wide reach and generally some use graphical features like interactive charts etc.
Not for profit website (5 to 15 pages) $2500 to $6900 This website package is generally very similar to the normal or large website,  in the way it is constructed. But must have a small amount of ecommerce functionality for donation management.
Small eCommerce shop $3895 to $15,000 As a guide this type of shop would have all the functionality of the larger shops but be localised to a state based or national audience. Cyber Security is large feature of this type of website package. At the top end of the package range there would be an ability to have unlimited products. Thus a dedicated server would be required.
Large eCommerce shop $10,000 to $60,000 Covering a world wide market with increased cyber security features and tax management for many countries. May also have language support infrastructure and a world wide content delivery network (CDN). May include advanced SEO management.
Blogger website (large or small) $2500 to $15,000 A website in this category could be anything from a news website to a personal blog that gets many hundreds of thousand of page views per month. The higher cost of the package would relate to very large news websites. Were increased security and SEO management is required.
Note: All website packages would include advanced cyber security,  a suitable VPS or dedicated server, advance initial search engine optimisation and many more features and functions.

wordpress website design packages

We have formulated an 11 step process for establishing a website and ensuring that it achieves the goals identified by the client. Web design package pricing is outlined and must fit the criteria established during the goal setting phase.

The following steps relate to a normal business website of up to 10 pages.

Step One.

This is where the client makes contact with the website design company and determines if the two organisations are a good fit. Once the website package is established a formal agreement is made and signed off by both parties.

Some website development packages and agreements will require a deposit which generally ranges between 25% and 50%. It’s a little bit similar to the payment process used by builders. As each phase is finished a further payment will be required. The written agreement will identify the trigger points for each payment.

Large website development companies may require a full up front payment – in this case it pays to do a little external research.

Allocated Time: 2 to 3 hours

Step Two.

This is the most important step. It ensures both the client and developers are on the same page. Establishing the entire criteria and pathway for the website. The phase must not be hurried and a face to face meeting is the best way to go. It’s definitely harder to complete this task over video conferencing but it is the second best option and not impossible.

Personally, I have had clients fly in from interstate which was awesome and achieved some great results. The shortest timeframe for this task was four hours. On average I would say this takes around six to seven hours.

Allocated Time: 7 to 8 hours (25% payment required).

Step Three.

Even though establishing goals and objectives agreed during step two. It is important that the team understand the requirements and are briefed thoroughly. The developers will set a number of milestones, which must be achieved to ensure the project remains on track. As you could imagine it is important for the client to be available at relative short notice during the week of production.

When this phase is completed effectively, there are less revisions required by the client and less frustration within the design team. Everyone will be on the same pathway to completion. Quotations generally allow for 38 hours for the project from start to finish.

Even so, the average time to completion is 42.7 hours at the time of writing. So the client gets a few hours for free. Very large projects often have one hundred hours allocated to them. Ongoing maintenance of the website, after completion, is set at around two to three hours per month. The client may decide to manage it themselves, and in this case we suggest a full day briefing and training course.

Allocated time: 2 to 3 hours.

Step Four & five.

In this phase the framework around the website is set up. This will include an appropriate content management system like wordpress, a site-map designed to outline all main and internal pages. And a mockup of the design to present to the client for authorisation and/or revisions.

There will also be time allocated to transfer or establish the requirement for a domain. Also, what website hosting package will be required. We would never recommend shared hosting and normally use a Virtual Private or dedicated server. Depending on the expected traffic and the actual size of the website.

Time allocation. 5 hours.

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Step Six.

The heart of any website is the content, images, audio and videos. Clients generally provide the content for each page, this is a large task, and may take many hours to complete. We have found if the client writes the copy it seems a little more authentic. Clients are the ones that know the most about their business and products, but don’t despair.

Generally if you are terrified about writing good copy we can take over this function, but this can increase the cost substantially. Even when you do put the content together we get an academic writer to review all copy. This is to ensure that there are no mistakes and we will be able to manipulate the content to make it search engine friendly.

Time allocation. 10 to 15 hours (50% payment required)

Step Seven & Eight.

This is the phase where the technical stuff takes place. Rewriting code or similar to ensure search engine friendliness. Configuration of the server to optimize it for the type of website. Some wordpress plugins and coding require specific server settings to work effectively.

Final production takes place and testing of all resources are completed to identify errors and minimise future problems. Once completed the website is deployed ready for launch.

Time Allocation. 4 to 6 hours (final 25% payment made).

Steps Nine, Ten and eleven.

The launch takes place and S.E.O. is completed. Probably the largest part of this phase is training and briefings for the client. We then set up performance monitoring programs and a future proofing maintenance program, which is generally a shared program between the developers and client.

Time Allocation. 6 to 8 hours.


That’s basically it. In the first few weeks of becoming live, developers will be in constant touch to ensure the website is operating as required.

WordPress website design packages should also include a period of professional monitoring to determine if and how the search engines are listing and ranking the website. Even though significant increases in ranking can take many months. There should be some indication how well optimized the website is within a few weeks.