Why Cyber Security Is Important

Why Cyber Security Is Important

A business owner just has to look at the evening news to gain a good understanding of why cyber security is important in Australia.

Too often we see organisations become vulnerable because of a malicious attack on their IT systems

What is cyber security

Cyber security in Australia and around the world is known as a process and systems designed to protect networks and programs from attacks of a digital nature. The hacker/criminal can be motivated by many things including money, competitor business disruption and even state espionage.

Cyber security in Australia is constantly evolving , but attackers are becoming more innovative and challenging to overcome. No single entity can guarantee absolute certainty against attacks. If your business doesn’t have an effective cyber security strategy then the likelihood of a malicious attack is increased substantially.

How businesses deal with cyber security in Melbourne

A strategy often sees cyber security specialists place a number of layers across infrastructure to keep it safe. These layers are critical and can reduce a systems vulnerability. The other part of the systems is the users of a network, program or computer. Every strategy must provide a guide and subsequent training of employees to reduce external vulnerabilities. Innovative attackers often use employee email or other online systems to launch an attack. Allowing access beyond the multiple layers of protection. 

Even some emails look quite legitimate. It should always be remembered that attackers often have the ability to find resources that allow them to launch attacks , by assuming the identity of a senior person within a company.

Why is a cyber security strategy important

One just has to look at the situation evolving around COVID-19. Many businesses are vulnerable and may not recover from the impact.

In the IT world a digital virus could have a potential similar effect. Often attacks are localised to one business system but just think about the risk and consequences of an attack that takes down the digital infrastructure we all use. Namely, the Internet service providers (ISP). 

Most of the ISP’s have awesome systems and other other cyber security strategies, but because they are generally connected to the world wide web there is always going to be some vulnerability.

 At the moment the amount of data that can be analysed through super computers has a limit in terms of time to process. But imagine if an organisation was able to develop technology that could operate many millions of times faster. The possibilities would be endless and research is ongoing in relation to developing high speed components that could speed up the development of artificial intelligence (AI). cyber security in australia

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    Large companies like Google have been researching and implementing AI technology for many years. Since 2017 a number of industry professionals, developers and the like have been working on a system of machine learning (ML) to help enhance the ability and inspire writers. 

    Done with the best of intentions, I’m sure, it does pose many questions in relation to further development and cyber security in Melbourne.

    Why cyber security is important and the types of threats

    The first one we will talk about is called ransomware. This is a type of software that once launched into a computer or network can block access. With the intention of gaining monetary advantage by blackmailing the owner of a system into paying for access back into the system. One of the big concerns with this type of attack is that by paying the ransom there is no guarantee that the attacker will provide access back into the system.

    The second type of cyber security issue is Phishing. These are small programs sent via email to basically give an attacker access to information. This may include passwords, credit card details and any other information on a computer or server that is sensitive in nature. One of the key features of the type of attack is that the user may never know that information has been stolen until their account has been drained. Or the attacker gains full access to the systems via a password etc.

    Thirdly Malware is a type of software designed to grant access to a system or simply damage a system beyond repair. This is why it is so important to back up all systems where sensitive or important information is kept.

    In Conclusion

    There are many types of digital systems around Australia and the world and many are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Ensuring that a business continues to prosper is one reason why cyber security is important. Employers and employees’ livelihoods rely on the layers of security keeping IT systems safe.