Have you ever wondered why the contents of one website tend to load faster than those of another? This is the effect of bandwidth. Let’s look at the web application bandwidth requirement. Bandwidth refers to the traffic and the amount of data that can be moved between your website, your website users and the internet. Bandwidth can also be explained as a pipe that allows data to travel through it, so the larger the pipe width, the faster the data will move from your site to the user’s browser.

Effects of bandwidth speed test & slow or faster websites


Moreover, you should never confuse bandwidth with latency. Latency simply refers to the amount of time a data request from an internet user will take to move from the servers to the internet user’s browser. This means that you may easily confuse latency to bandwidth. The most important thing to note is that latency cannot be affected by bandwidth.

Even on a high bandwidth, latency may make your site pages to load slower. What affects latency is the location of your web hosting company servers. Factually, it will take a few seconds for data to transfer to the browser of an internet user if the server of the site they are accessing is in that country or region.

If your website is hosted on servers in the U.S.A while your traffic is expected to come from Australia, then expect your web pages to load slowly. The secret here is hiring a web hosting company that has its servers in Australia. It reduces the time data transfer will take from the servers to your primary market/target market.

 What May Affect bandwidth speed test?

What exactly can affect the speed of data from the website to the users? Two types of content will easily affect the interaction of internet users with data from your internet. This means the speed at which your target internet users will stream videos on your site, download data etc. This is one aspect that can be very critical in terms of web application bandwidth requirement. The types of content are;


Internal content

 Every website requires some features to make it complete. This includes the images you have uploaded there, and embedded videos & audios. The amount of internal content on your site will definitely affect the speed of data transfer. It is therefore recommended that you make sure your website has a simple design-do not overcrowd it with content.

If your website is meant to deal with high-resolution data or streaming media, you should hire a web hosting company in Australia offering bandwidth packages that can satisfy a large amount of data/content on your website. You can go for a high bandwidth speed test package.

 External content

 Depending on the digital marketing strategies being applied on your website or the use of your website, there is external content that will display on your website and is likely to affect the speed of data transfer. Such content includes;

 – Ads from other servers.- Extra plugins such as Twitter feed widgets & Facebook Social Plugins.

 This external content is very crucial so avoiding might be detrimental to the productivity of your website, so the only thing to do is to cut on the amount of the external data to display on a single page to increase the speed of the site.



Testing a Website

 Research has it that internet users will only wait for a web page to load for a maximum of 4 secs, if the web-page fails to load, they move to your competitor’s website. You should, therefore, make sure your website loads fast to avoid the bounce rate and increase the conversion. Google has provided Page Speed insights for Mozilla Firefox and Chrome to help you check the speed of your website.

You can also use tools such as Pingdom’s Website Speed Site. It is, in fact, the commonly used tool by website owners. By putting yourself in the shoes of your target internet visitors, you look at how fast your website loads. If it is not satisfactory, you should then act fast and speed it up.

 Choosing Between Un-metered bandwidth speed test and Unlimited Bandwidth.

 Since we can now agree that investing in a reasonable hosting bandwidth is the secret to the overall performance of your website especially its speed, you have to be very keen on the package you choose between the unlimited and unmetered bandwidth.

Most web hosting companies in Australia will offer you unlimited bandwidth on the hosting package you choose. Having unlimited bandwidth means that your data transfer usage is unlimited. You do not have to worry about the space to use. However, the unlimited bandwidth option may at times be hit with additional costs that you do not understand.

For the unmetered bandwidth, you agree on the rates with your web hosting company and use what your website requires. Even though the rates may sound higher than the mouth-watering unlimited bandwidth offer, it is a much more transparent and perfect offer.

In conclusion,

Once determining web applicationbandwidth speed test requirement – make sure that you hire a reliable web hosting company in Australia that offers you the best and affordable hosting packages, local servers and advice on how to make your web users experience better.