To be involved in web design & ecommerce takes commitment and time. Furthermore, there are so many smart people out there, of all ages.  Lets discuss how to make your ecommerce website design more attractive. Many who’s skills would probably make a competent academics feel insecure. They will inevitably be your competition in the market place.

Working hard for success in ecommerce website design

quotation-formIf you can see yourself succeeding in a web design & ecommerce business, then there is an enormous amount of work to do before you even set a date for the launch. Say you have a unique idea, which is a great start. There are a number of competing priorities which will need to be adjusted to suit and mold to fit your idea. The more research you do the greater the opportunity for success.Surround yourself with relevant information and listening to others point of view so later you can analyse what was said. Many say that once you’ve got the basics of the business together then launch and adjust as required. This may work for some but in my view the risks are to high.

Risking it all for a website


If you do go about the launch in a similar way to the above – probably a staged approach would work the best. It would be futile to spend all your hard earned money with out effective risk mitigation. The outcome could be catastrophic to your idea, growth and personal health.

My team members get very frustrated with my main philosophy, ‘there is always a way’ so find that way. Personally I head off on a two/three day trek when there’s a hard problem to solve and generally the solitude works wonders. Find your problem solving method it’s a great feeling to have a place where idea’s can flow freely.

The definition of staged means that you have selected one component of your idea and start with that first. If the idea includes a number of other parts then try to break them up into specific segments. So you can complete a staged implementation/launch.

At least with a staged approach minor failures can be seen as a learning tool. A method to put you back on a pathway to growth.

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To plan or not to plan

Enough on this and back to the research and planning. There is always a chance you can over plan which tend to mean you go around in circles and really don’t achieve to much. If you are simply adjusting such plans that’s great but if you find yourself at a similar point as last week then your starting to ride the merry go round.

One thing that will minimize the chance of this is to plan to plan. Sound pretty unproductive but if you have a little micro plan to maintain focus then you will find it easier to achieve awesome result over a much shorter time.

The military and front site focus

In the military they use a term call front site focus. This means that when you identify a target you focus on that target until illuminated and only then move to the next. Rather than just spraying bullets everywhere and not really achieving very much and the chance of being killed is increased ten fold.To me ‘front site focus’ lends itself to effective communication within a given team. It’s worth doing some research on this as its a great help when problem solving.One disclaimer here is that often there are many competing priorities so it is important to adjust focus if the priorities change.

Your Passion and Constructive Feedback

Having a life partner or friend who you can bounce idea’s off is almost as effective and positive as having a business mentor. The later is ideal but any trusted person who understands your passion and gives constructive feedback is worth their weight in gold.

Please keep your ego in check and no matter how stupid their advice might seem – try and look at the advice from a number of points of view. It’s probably got some detail in there that could help make your plans better.

Put together an eBook, operating manual or power point, even though they can take quite a bit of time. They tend to help you identify problems or effective alternative methods of doing the same thing. Instructors/teachers often say they learn a lot from teaching.

Mostly,  because they go over and over the information increasing their micro knowledge On a given subject.

how to make your ecommerce website more attractive


The business plan and cash flow

In my first business plan it was identified that I should start small and dominate a specific market in a single city. Doing the financial calculations it was felt that cash flow maybe limited and success less likely. So I moved on and decided to plan for a national launch – very silly! Can you imagine the resources and financial backing a business would require to do this – a substantial amount.

It took me about two weeks of analysis and brainstorming (with myself and other). Before the idea was identified as ridicules for a startup and extremely unlikely to succeed.

Finding the positive in any ecommerce website design project

On a positive note – there were many points from the national plan that transferred over into the single city plan. Making it well structured and much closer to reality.

A lot can be learnt from smaller markets. So make sure you have a method of gathering data on everything that effects your business. Don’t you think it sound a little like that staged approach mentioned earlier?

In conclusion, Startups can be a lot of fun and if you have drive and motivation then your almost half way there. Learning how to make your ecommerce website design more attractive can be one of the keys to success.