Choosing the best colour background for your website is quite challenging, especially if you are not certain about colour coordination ability. Furthermore, understanding how to choose colour combinations for a website can also be difficult if you completely feel that you are not an experienced designer. Choosing the best color combinations for your website is tricky.

You can pick your own colours, but its end result looks harmonious. Consequently, you will avoid using any colours and your website will look uninspiring.  And again if you choose to use too much colour on your website, you are risking making your website look tacky. As a digital marketer, therefore, it’s important to understand the science behind the colour scheme in web design, and how they can psychologically influence users.

Which Color Combinations should you choose?

When building a successful website that can reach out to your target audience, you really want to have an uncluttered layout that is discerning. Colour is a ubiquitous thing-you have to use it in the right way, right time and with the right audience.

For instance, if you own a website that sells kids bouncy jumps, using black colour, in this case, is a wrong choice. When it comes to jumping house websites, vibrant colours say red or green can create a good appearance.


If you are considering women products, on the other hand, using orange or brown colour cannot be a good measure. That is why perhaps most websites use black and white colours for their homepage. Generally, whatever site you own, it is wise to spend a lot of time finding the best suitable colour. This is a broad topic that you seriously want to tackle if you really don’t want to remain one step behind.

How your colour choice can influence online sales.

Research shows that 90% of customers are influenced by the website based on the colour of your web page. For an average person, taking the time to learn how to choose colour combinations for the website. Can take approximately 90 seconds to have a choice whether to go through your website or not. And all this is based on colours alone. It is fascinating that colour can help people to recognize your brand by up to 80%.

Why are colors essential in digital marketing?

It is crystal clear that colours have a significant impact when it comes to digital marketing.  They play a vital role in customer engagement. They bring long-lasting feelings to visitors more than the way other elements can do.


If you have the right combination of colour, this means you are going to grab too many attentions from visitors. At the end of the day, you are putting your digital marketing up to the pinnacle. Therefore, it is a good idea to focus on colours more than ever since it influences more visitors to your web page.

Yes, of course, great content and professional-looking blog can help you get more clients, but they are just aren’t enough anymore.

Selecting your website color scheme.

Finding the best colour scheme can help you create a visual sense of perfection and simplicity to your website. Let’s go through basic Color Combinations; you can choose to improve your website appearance.

Primary colors.

Primary colours usually begin with the main colour for your product. It should appear in your logo and anywhere else.

While choosing the colour for your logo design, keep in mind the image below, it invokes a feeling that perfectly matches with the main colour. And if you have chosen a perfect colour for your brand, ensure to stick consistently on all platforms. Otherwise, you will end up cluttering your audience.

Accent colors.

They are commonly known as secondary colours. Their prime purpose is to complement the main colours. Information from expert designers shows that 3 is the number that most people choose for their websites. While this can be an exciting moment to experiment with this number, the most important thing here is how you will go about combining these. It is quite simple with the help of colour wheels. It a tool helps in determining how the primary, secondary and tertiary colours are going to be.


The colour of your website may speak a lot about the value of your brand. Choose the best one, and you will enjoy improved user interactivity. Colours alone will increase the conversion rate in your website!