With the growth of digital marketing in Australia, websites have particularly become crucial for the growth of any business. A guide for web design and hosting for small business can be extremely helpful, and stop time wasting. You may use social media marketing, email marketing, or blogging to grow/expand your small business. However, with a website for your small business, you can exploit all the other online marketing tools on one platform.From this, we can, therefore, refer to small business website design as a website for a small business but not a small website as many would put it. For a website to be complete and meet the needs of your small business, it should have the following components.

Vital components of website hosting in australia.


 Home page.

The home page is undoubtedly the primary page where you attract the attention of website visitors. The homepage should contain general information about your business. The information should be displayed in a marketing-oriented and appealing manner.

To attract more visitors, make the home page user-friendly and incorporate videos and images.

Finally, on the home page, there should be links that redirect the visitor to any section or area of the website they wish to visit.

A guide for small business

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  1. About web page.

As the name suggests, the about us page’ should clearly outline the history of your business. This refers to the founder, year of founding, milestones, objectives, mission, etc.

This page is used by many visitors to gauge your business trustworthiness. They use the information to ascertain if actually, the business exists in the real world.

  1. Products/service page.

The products/services page is the page that contains the services your business offers or the products you sell. If your website name is “Mosaic carpet cleaning Sydney” on the services page, you should try and emphasize more on the services you offer under the main carpet cleaning umbrella.

You should, therefore, have a page talking about the following services;

-Steam carpet cleaning.

-Stain treatment.

-Area Rug cleaning etc.

Provide images of the said service so as to convince them that you are not just luring them but you mean every word.

A guide for small business website design-02 ken being all business like.


  1. Contact page.

No web visitor will trust the services of a website with no contact details or physical address. It is, therefore, necessary to have your physical address clearly explained.

You should also provide an email address and phone number that the visitor can use if they want to get into business with you.

  1. Privacy Policy and Disclaimer page.

For a website to be operational in a particular country, it has to have this page. Especially in Australia, this page is what tell the authorities that your small business operates under the Australian rules and regulations.

Apart from the components of a small business website design, a perfect website for your small business should have the following characteristics;

Some of the features of a good website hosting in australia.

-Fast load speed: According to research, the current internet users are very impatient. They will only wait for your website to load for an average of 3 seconds. Your website must be fast enough for visitors to become prospective customers.

-Responsive theme:

Today, most internet users use their mobile phones. When designing a website, you should, therefore, use a responsive theme. This means that the user can access the site on their mobile phones with no trouble. However, remember that there is a huge difference between a responsive theme and a mobile theme. -Regularly updated: The content on your website hosting in Australia is what brings traffic to your website. You should, therefore, periodically update the information/content on your website as the need arises. Be keen on the trending information and tailor your content towards that.

-Easy navigation: How easily are web visitors able to use or move around your website.

Very few website visitors will be patient enough to learn their way through your website; they will prefer a website that is simple and easy to navigate. It would be better to include a navigation tab on the home page.

-Search engine optimization: A website that is appropriately optimized ranks on the first pages of search engines such as Google.

By ranking on top of other business, it means that most web users will always access your website. Probably turning into customers if the information on your website is actually convincing.

If your small business website design meets all the above characteristics, it will effectively help your business in the following ways;

Benefits of a good small website.

  1. Helps you build your business.

A functional website will assist you in the ultimate goal of building your business.

This means that you will be able to make your business bigger with a huge number of active customers, products, or services. Your operation also extends to more areas or regions.

  1. Enhance your online presence.

Selling or advertising your products through social media platforms is not enough. You require website hosting in australia that convinces internet users that your site has a strong basis or actually exist and ready for business.

If you have a website, you can then share content on the social media platforms with links to your website.

  1. Expand your market.

If you have tried operating a small business in Australia with no website. You can actually tell how hard it can be capturing or attracting customers. A website makes your advertising and marketing easier. You will no longer have to spend a lot of money printing brochures.

Moreover, with a website, you will be able to reach more prospect clients/customers online since the internet usage is worldwide. You will not have to rely on customers from Australia alone.

  1. Improve customer service.

Operating a small business traditionally may pose challenges related to customer service. You may actually lose a customer due to busy telephone lines.

With your small business website, you can incorporate online forms and auto-responders to interact with your customers.

Finally, a website for your small business is, therefore, a worthwhile investment. Consider hiring a reliable web design company in Australia to build a good website for your small business that will assure a high Return on Investment (ROI).