If you have an online business, then your primary goal is to market your website and get more customers. Throughout this Search Engine Optimization Google – techniques tutorial we will guide you on general but real world and proven strategies. Moving on! One of the most effective ways to attract more visitors to your site is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Due to the increased competition online, simply having a website is not enough. There are thousands of other businesses, and they’re also looking for customers. SEO is a technique where your site is optimized to improve its rankings and enhance its online visibility. If your site is well-optimized, it will appear as one of the first results when a user queries a certain product or service on a search engine such as Google. Let’s look at some basic Search Engine Optimization techniques for your site.

Content Creation for Search Engine Optimization Google – techniques


You may have heard that content is king, and that is true. Creating high-quality, relevant, and original content is a key SEO technique. A search engine’s goal is offering helpful results and providing solutions to a visitor’s problems.

If you can create useful content that solves a particular problem, more people will share it, and the search engine will move your site up in rankings. And, the content should be original. Always strive to engage your audience and request them to share your content; it can work wonders to boost your rankings.

optimization techniques tutorial

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Keywords optimization  and keyword research

The other technique is knowing the right keywords to target. To know these keywords, you first need to do keyword research. Since the keywords you may be interested in are most of the time competitive, it’s better to choose ones which are less competitive. As you choose the less competitive ones, don’t forget to look from the customer’s point of view.

Once you have compiled your list, use the Google keyword tool to know how much search traffic each keyword gets. Those numbers will give you an idea of how competitive a keyword phrase is. After you’ve found the right keyword, know how to sprinkle it throughout the content.

Note: Don’t use the keywords excessively. Excessive use of these phrases can get you banned. Also, don’t forget to use LSI keywords.

Metadata is Crucial to SEO

Metadata is an essential part of Search Engine Optimization Google. It includes title tags and meta descriptions. Even though website visitors can’t view this information, search engines can. This metadata tells a search engine what to expect from your site, and thus, it will know best how to rank you.

When creating meta descriptions, they should describe a specific page and shouldn’t be duplicated. If your meta descriptions are duplicates, your site won’t get recognized. When it comes to title tags, they should be eye-catching and keyword-optimized well. These should also be unique for each specific page.Search engine optimization


Create Quality Backlinks

A backlink directs to your site from another person’s site. If your site has lots of high-quality backlinks, it will rank higher. However, it’s important that you think of the best link building strategies. One, you should use authoritative sites to create these backlinks. A back link from a well-known and trustworthy site is always more than one from a less-known site.One backlink from a known site can rank you better than lots of backlinks from less-known sites. Second, the hyperlink should have an anchor text with the target keywords. Beware of unnatural links that may get your site penalized.

Ensure Your Site is User-Friendly

Search Engine Optimization Google is not all about creating quality content, targeting the right keywords, and having backlinks; user experience (UX) also plays a vital role. For instance, is your site mobile-friendly, fast, easy to navigate, and secure?

If a user visits your site spends lots of time there and navigates throughout the website with ease, Google realizes that your site has good user experience and thus, your rankings improve. However, if visitors don’t spend time on your site maybe because of poor navigation or no relevant information, your rankings may drop.

Have a Strong Social Media Presence

One of the main benefits of social media is that it increases brand awareness and helps you engage with your audience easily. However, this is not the only benefit. If you have integrated your site with social media, and Google sees that your posts are engaging enough, it may translate to better rankings.

Also, social media can work wonders to increase traffic to your site, which can also boost your search engine rankings.

These are some, but not all Search Engine Optimization techniques that you can use for your site. Keep these in mind and don’t forget others such as local SEO and Youtube SEO to attract more visitors, achieve more rankings, and increase your sales.