Promoting your brand Online

online web storeBranding is one of the keys to a successful business and some organisation put a lot of time and money into their briand. Have a look at any AFL game and you will see branding everywhere.
I’m not a business specialist so I stick to what I know and that’s web designing. On thing I have learnt over the years is that your online presence is an important part of branding – from your great looking website to your social media pages. Organisations are sending everything from payroll to admin and call taking online so not being online could be terminal.


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Expression of your professionalism

There is nothing more negative, in relation to branding, than a website that looks like it may have been put together by someone with an interest in web design but with no real qualifications or established skills. The website is an expression of your professionalism and can contribute substantially to your brand’s worth.

People want to know a little about your brand before they approach your business and often this is done online in the comfort of their home, or on a mobile application while they have some time outdoors. Responsive websites (mobile compatible) are one of the most effective way of ensuring that when someone finds your business online that they have a positive experience while looking at your website. If you have avery taken a look at a website, on your mobile or tablet, which hadn’t been optimised for these sorts of application, you will notice that the txt is really small and its very hard to navigate around the page. If your website isn’t using responsive design then it is very likely that surfers on the internet who find your website are leaving as quick as they found it.

Designers don’t normally charge more for responsive designs because they have become pretty standard now..

Positiveness branding outcomes is what you’re trying to achieve and what better way than a great website. Thanks for reading our blog.

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