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Premium-Web-Site-Analysis and Comprehensive Report

Premium Web  Site Analysis and Report for online businesses that aren’t achieving the website results they are expecting. This includes an extensive web site and marketing plan with step by step guide through the extensive SEO process and web site development.

Price: $595.00 (USD)

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Which Search Engine is the Best

As mentioned in other posts there is so many factors that determine a good website. Our reports concentrate on how to list well on Google because lets face it Google is the largest of all search engines and therefore the most used by surfers all around the web. We have found that websites optimised for Google tend to be optimised for all search engines and will be listed similar or even higher if you use our guides and reports.

Example of Web-site-plan-SEO-Guide

Its always a little scary to hand over hard earned money when something sounds good but you’re unsure what is really included. Well my objective here is to ensure you’re comfortable with what is provided with our service. Our initial analysis includes but is not limited to all of the tools below. We also look at social media and other linking tools to ensure the report is complete. We include 3 to 4 flow charts  and a 1000 to 2000 word report on what we have found in relation to your website (even if its a great and well set up website).

We spend 3 to four hours analysing your website (programming/html/images etc) and all of the link bridges to other website and those linking back to you. We will even look at the age of your domain and how its performed over time, year in year out and try to determine if your website has been sandboxed by Google which would be a huge draw back to listing well. Sometime over excited web designers build backlinks to quickly and Google flags this process as blackhat SEO which can in the worst case scenario have the site sand boxed or even delisted. It is very hard to come back from these problems and every now and then clients have had to purchase a new domain name. So please be careful what ever you decide.

After the analysis we then spend  2 to 3 hours putting the plan all together with the guides and reports. Once you have the report from us we suggest you take the plan with you to the designer, who can sometime feel a little intimidated by it, or you can simply use it as a guide when you are looking for a great designer.

How long does it take?

Normally we take between 3 and 7 days to have the report in your hands. We only have a few staff and during time of high volume we may take a little longer but we will contact you if it will be longer than six days. We don’t rush things and every report will have the same analysis whether your a multinational or a start up business. We do have option to complete the process within two days but this includes us working late into the night so we try to avoid this feature as much as possible.

What else do we do?

To make your web site optimised and search engine friendly there may be a heap of work required and sometime this can be a little daunting. If you have any questions relating to the report we are happy to discuss them and even provide a bit further info if you are a little confused (at no cost to you). Even so im sure you will totally understand our report because we explain things in simple language with very little jargon. We have contemplated offering a basic service but the more we looked into such a program the more we seemed to be leaving out important information. So at this stage we only offer the one premium service to ensure your get the best result we can give.

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Price: $595.00 (USD)

Some tools we use

Link Tools

  • Link Analyzer →
  • Link Extractor →
  • Link Suggestion Generator →
  • No-Follow Finder →

Keyword Tools

  • Keyword Density Checker →
  • Keyword Extractor →
  • Keyword Suggestion Generator →

Search Engine Tools

  • Bing Indexed Pages Checker →
  • Google Indexed Pages Checker →
  • Robots.txt Checker →
  • Search Engine Listing Preview →
  • Search Engine Saturation Checker →
  • Site Spider Viewer →
  • Spider Viewer →

Header/Tag Tools

  • HTTP Header Extractor →
  • HTTP Header Viewer →
  • Meta Tag Extractor →
  • Meta-Tag Generator →

IP Tools

  • Multiple IP Address Checker →
  • Multiple Reverse IP Lookup →
  • Ping Domain/IP →
  • Reverse IP/Look-up →

Miscellaneous Tools

  • Browser Details Tool →
  • Convert Date to Timestamp →
  • Convert UNIX Timestamp →
  • Website Status Checker →

Source Code Tools

  • CSS Validator →
  • Domain Whois Retriever →
  • HTML Markup Validator →
  • HTML Optimizer →
  • Optimize your HTML code. →
  • Source Code Viewer →
  • Webpage Size Checker →
  • Website Speed Test →

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