What does the setup fee include?

Well, the setup fee includes everything needed to get the project up and running including the launch onto the internet. Furthermore, we will provide an explanation of the Other information about our pricing below.

The monthly fee covers basic SEO, reporting and problem solving. Generally if our interaction take more than one hours during the month we may need to provide a quote for the time it takes to solve a problem or conduct an update for your business.

In fact, we do keep track of our workflow and if you haven’t received an hours work, from us one month, it will accumulate over subsequent months.

You will be updated on time available. Accumulated time can also be used for staff training.

Total time allocation

This is the amount of time we expect to take from start to finish on your project. Furthermore, we will always work with you to ensure that you or your staff are available to assist on the dates we start the project. Once a project is started our designer/s wont stop until complete.

It may sound a little intense, but don’t worry there is flexibility built in so unforeseen problems don’t impact the service provided to you. Actually, we thrive under a little pressure.

Strategic Planning

This may sound like corporate jargon, but its not. Without a good plan there is to much scope to fail, whether cost blow outs (which we generally cover), or a less than positive outcome.

As a result, once the plan is together, with your input,  you will be asked to sign it off. Or provide a list of required changes.

By the way, its not very often a client want changes as our plans are quite detailed but very workable.

Effective communication

When something goes wrong with the development of a website project. Generally, if pathway to the problem is deconstructed it will normally be associated with poor communication. At Syncretic Web Development we take all responsibility for problems.

Furthermore, there may seem a lot of time allocated to communications. Even so, it is the key element to a successful project and happy clients.

Set up and structure

Providing robust infrastructure for your project is essential. Everything from a hi end server to software that has been beta tested and live tested by organisations and individuals, including Syncretic Wed Development staff.

This is one part of the overall project that must not be rushed. Or the result may be a blow out in costs and time frames to completion.

One the reasons we are so efficient with workflow is because of the systems and processes we have built up over time.

Design & layout

Another important component of successful websites is the design and layout. The goal is to always to have users come back to the again and again .

So, the layout must be appealing and informative. Above all, designed with the user in mind.

Where users are lead down a pathway that is confusing and difficult to negotiate. They are likely to bounce right of the website to a competitors site that is less confusing.

Implement Content

A little bit of interesting jargon around the web development community is the key phrase “content is king”.

This is one important feature of any website, from general page content to blogging, product detail and more.

Duplication of content whether a manufacturers product information or something found on the web. Google hates duplicated content and websites that use such strategies will be penalized and potentially become less relevant to the industry they are trying to serve.

At Syncretic Web Development we have some great writers who ensure there is no duplicated content and the stories are interesting and on topic.

SEO, testing & finalize

Above all, a website is little more than useless if it has broken links and is not optimized for the search engines.

Certainly, there is a whole lot more to ensuring the website becomes successful.

With out the basis for ongoing development, success may never come and ultimately a lot of money may be wasted.


In conclusion,you may be still asking How Much Should I Charge to Build a Website. Well the above information should guide you on what to expect from a website design company. You can review our prices – Click here. 

**Conditions apply

At Syncretic Web Development we have a few business requirements that helps to ensure a successful project. We ask you to agree to a simple contact which outlines what you will get for your money. Due to our great communications processes we have very few misunderstandings and or disagreements.

A 50% deposit is required prior to commencement of the project and final payment within 14 days of the website project going live.

** Other information:

We have found that every project is different and therefore its important to contact us for a quotation.

Also, for businesses who have us create their website will be hosted on high speed state of the art server provided by Digital Pacific. An industry leaders in Australia.