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Nearly everyone that contemplates building an online web store has a idea what they would like to sell. This is a positive attribute because it is likely that your product is something that you know lots about. And knowledge of a product is often the key difference between failure and success. I don’t really want to make the webstore sound like an easy or hard concept to understand. Like with most other things online the more you put in the more you are likely to get out of it. We all see the large amounts of shopping cars and probably have our favorite best online store. To me they all have good and bad features and if at all possible I would like to have a website that uses most of the good features.

Online Ecommerce Builders

online web storeOver the years there has been a number of free and paid website builders which incorporate many types of web stores. One that comes to mind is Shopify, which has a number of users and is pretty good in many ways, but even though they may suit some businesses there are a number of limitations. I’ve spoken about unique content many time in previous blog posts and how online builders don’t allow designers to build there own cart icons and general images. A good web designer often alters the code of an ecommerce application to ensure a good fit and where possible some uniqueness that online builders are unable to give. If you want to sell online and have plenty of time to learn some HTML try it can be manipulated quite easy and they have a free and paid accounts. I have to confess sometimes when a client wants to sell one or two products I us Mals-e and most think it looks great and is easy to use. As a side note they also provide there own security so that one thing you don’t have to worry about.
What to buy at the web store
What to Sell Online:

This is going to be a pretty short paragraph because, guess what, you can sell almost anything online with a web store. The only thing that would be morally wrong is something that is illegal. Everything else can be sold online including business services as well as products. I used to sell little pocket weather meters with great success and I’m sure you have something available that could easily sold on the internet. Even pizza companies are using online stores to sell their products – who would have thought this would have happened 5 years ago. One thing I should say here is that our responsive designs can be used to sell pizzas via computers, mobiles or your tablet all online. They look just like an app and operate similar on mobile devises. This is just an example of the potential use of responsive websites and you are only limited by your imagination.


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Putting the Online Web Store together:

Websites that incorporate a webstore are quite simple for the web designer to put together. Really they are just an add on to the normal website and if you just want the store and not the website then that even easier. Saying that there are some thing that have to be done to ensure that important feature like security, payment gateways and shopping carts are safe. We use a feature call a security certificate (Secure Socket Layer(SSL)) which gives that little ‘s’ in the ‘https://’. When user of your web store make a transaction through your website they don’t want their private information stolen or to fall into the wrong hands. This type of security also requires its own IP address. The certificate and IP address cost a little but it is worth it in the long run. We generally use a shopping cart called HikaShop which we have found to be very versatile and very reliable. payment gate ways are important and you will need one which range in cost from $0.00 (PayPal) to many thousands of dollars per year. As you are probably aware there is transaction fees associated with most of the gateways. A merchant account with your bank is normally required but there is an option now that has free merchant accounts, no monthly fees, but there are limitations and info on that one will be for another blog in the future. The online web store needs many links to every part of the internet to be successful and it is no easy fete to be the proud owner. Find out more.

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