Local SEO Melbourne

Local SEO Melbourne

There are thousands of websites entering the world wide web every day.

It may seem to be getting harder to rank near the top on Google. No organisation should ever claim to guarantee a top listing for any given  keyword or phrase. The google algorithm has become very sophisticated and to make this claim is just wrong.

At JR Web Design, we have been constantly researching Google’s own information and listening to other search engine specialists. To learn what the current ever changing trends may be.  One thing that has continued to be front and centre is content.

Not just any old content, but unique and relevant contents that is well written. The SEO industry uses a term called E.A.T. which means “expertise, authoritativeness and trust worthiness”.

In other words if you duplicate or simply write low quality content then it is likely to be flagged by Google and reduced in the rankings.

The importance of content cannot be understated. Some of the many technical aspects have been listed below:

  • Key phrases & Descriptions
  • Schema and image optimization
  • CSS, HTML and Javascript minifying
  • Server configuration and response time
  • Render blocking and Sitemaps
  • Type of infrastructure (VPS or Dedicated)
  • Penalty removal and 404 error fixing.

Setting Realistic Expectation

Results are not something that can happen over night. As a matter of fact if you try to push the whole SEO thing too fast, there is likely to be a number of penalties generated. The worst case scenario your website would be de-listed on Google. Once this happens it is very slow and time consuming to convince Google to list you again.

Whitehat and Blackhat

These are two terms that are thrown around a lot within the SEO industry. A whitehat SEO activity would be encouraged by all the big search engines. Blackhat activities if identified by the search engines will see  a website reduced in the rankings or at worst de-listed.

At JR Website Design we only use whitehat methods that give clients websites the best chance of achieving a high ranking.The space shuttle and the skies the limit with SEO

Creative writing is helping websites rank higher

The main objective of every website, in Google’s eyes, is user experience. Their algorithms are awesome at picking out great content. Those websites that write content with the potential user in mind are more likely to make the user happier and Google even more happy.

We mentioned above that the acronym E.A.T. If your content seems to be written by an expert or someone with great knowledge on a given subject.

And there are a lot of users visiting the content over time then it will be determined to be authoritative and trustworthy. Google and the other key search engines love this.

The space shuttle making its way into orbit from the earth

Therefore it is important that all content firstly takes the user experience into account. I.e. it answers the users specific questions. Content that is general in nature is less likely to rank high on the search engines.

About our search engine optimisation and content writing

As you can imagine, SEO is quite complex and the only way to a successful outcome is solid objectives and time. Our developers see every project as a challenge to achieve awesome results.

The only way to really understand how a project is going is to analyse data and manipulate certain functions to ensure that the data is positive and remains that way. The first thing we do every morning is look at the data and record the key result whether positive or negative.

Each website within our SEO portfolio will be allocated a morning a week to obtain and analyze data. Once this has been completed we either leave for another week or make a small change to obtain even better results.

In terms of content. When clients ask us to write content, we conduct in house creative writing and then have an academic writer, using our goals, analyze for quality and the user experience.

Even though we think we are great writers the information is too important to not be reviewed by a peer.

If you would like a quotation or discuss your online presence please give us a call or drop us an email. We treat every interaction as a priority.