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YouTube is to video marketing what Amazon is to eCommerce – the giant of the industry. Taking advantage and learning how to grow your youtube channel 2020 is important. Over a billion people visit the site in a day to watch videos of anything – tutorials, how-to videos, cats and parrots doing stuff, what Trump said in Ohio last weekend, PieDiePie picking his nose… Some platforms like Snapchat, Vimeo, and Facebook came too close to eating YouTube’s lunch, but the site revamped its game and twitched its algorithm by introducing the concept of video suggestions to reflect your interests, and quickly became a darling of anyone with enough time on their hands to watch one or two videos on the web – for free. And almost immediately, the concept of Vlogging came up.

Contents of this post:
  1. Start Your Videos Witch Catchy and Interesting Hooks
  2. Remind People to Subscribe
  3. Add End Screens On Your Videos to Promote Your Channel, Other Videos, or Website
  4. Commit To Posting Videos Multiple Times a Week
  5. Develop a Suitable Sustainable Production
  6. Go Slow On the Ads
  7. Keep Opening Credits and Titles Short
  8. Engage Your Audience
  9. Promote Your Videos on Other Channels and Social Networks

Vlogging is very much like a web television where a person embeds a series of short videos with supporting images, text, and other metadata based on a particular topic. The problem with Vlogging is that visibility and recognition are not guaranteed; some Vloggers have to market and popularize their channels to gain visibility. That’s a tough task, especially when you’re competing with hundreds of thousands of other Vloggers in a sea of billions of viewers. If you are looking for ways to grow your YouTube channel, consider the following:

  1.   Start Your Videos Witch Catchy and Interesting Hooks 

Hooks give viewers a glimpse of what the video is all about, interesting hooks make viewers eager to know what the video is all about. The hook you choose to display depends on the content you’re producing. If you are running a DIY makeover channel, for instance, let the finished DIY table to be your hook and let the video explain how you made it. If you’re running a make-up channel, let the hook of your video show the viewer’s how your face looks like after applying the make-up then proceed to show them how you did it.

Stories are another technique for pitching your videos. You’ve probably seen some YouTubers make intrigue by starting off with a fact or story that seems off-topic and then proceeds to connect it to the main topic. People want to hear a story, more so a story they can relate to. For instance, if your videos are all about beauty products and facials, start by talking about your struggle with acne, or how you helped a friend of your friend beat it.

grow youtube


  1.   Remind People to Subscribe 

One of the more important strategies in how to grow your youtube channel 2020 is to give people a gentle reminder. Well, this looks obvious but, remember to begin or end your videos by reminding your viewers to subscribe. Subscribing to a YouTube channel isn’t an automatic and straightforward thing to do for some viewers; you’ll actually need to ask viewers to follow your channel and even activate notifications, at least if they love your content. 

  1.   Add End Screens On Your Videos to Promote Your Youtube Channel, Other Videos, or Website

You need to keep your viewers hooked up to your content by, for instance, adding end screens that direct users to other related videos in the channel, playlists, a web page. The end screen can only take the last 20 seconds of your YouTube video.

  1.   Commit To Posting Videos Multiple Times a Week

Recent reports released by YouTube indicates that channels that are updated with fresh content several times a week perform better in terms of viewership, engagement, and growth in subscriber base. If you are just starting out, consider posting at least thrice per week although more would be better. Make sure that your videos are posted in an ad-hoc manner – at a particular time of the week, as in, don’t post on Mondays and Thursdays in few weeks only to change the schedule the following weeks to Wednesday and Fridays. I know the specific time my favorite YouTube channels would have new videos; you will find me waiting eagerly around 1 hour to the time. 

  1.   Develop a Suitable Sustainable Production 

You could be making nice 6 minute videos worthy of an Oscar award. Even so, if it will take you several months to produce and upload them, your Channel will never grow. Regular uploads at familiar times keep your viewers hooked to your content and the more they connect with it, the bigger your subscription or viewership gets. This should challenge you to adopt a sustainable video production workflow that can guarantee fast production. No matter how complex the subject or task is – and uploading to your channel. The best way to get around this is to settle for content that can be developed and created regularly. If you have enough resources, consider establishing a video studio with lights and everything that it takes to create content – if it is time to shoot, simply turn on your lights adjust your camera and mic and get started.

  1.   Go Slow On the Ads

Viewers don’t want to be interrupted with Google’s adverts and yours back to back. If you must place ads in the introductions, keep them as brief as possible although most of your ads should appear at the end of the video.

how to grow your youtube channel 2019


  1.   Keep Opening Credits and Titles Short

The attention span of your viewers is expected to be short. People will quickly lose interest if you start your videos with long credit sequences at the start of every video. Binge watchers will be discouraged as well because they don’t watch to keep seeing the same long sequence of boring stuff at the start of your videos. Consider keeping your opening credits and title short and punchy – no longer than 6 seconds.


  1.   Engage Your Audience

It is easy to forget that YouTube is a social network and, therefore, requires social interaction. Follow up your videos to check the interactions made by viewers. Consider making encouraging discussions and comments to your viewers’ replies. It is important to note that YouTube looks further than the overall viewers accrued by your channel. When rewarding the channels, YouTube also looks at the watch time, dislikes, likes, and most importantly, the comments made by your viewers. If possible, you should respond to all the comments you receive. Another way of engaging your audience is by giving out freebies once in a while.

  1.   Promote Your Videos on Other Channels and Social Networks

One of the most plausible things about social networks is that anyone can easily cross-promote their content between different channels. Create teasers of your latest videos and post them on your accounts on other social networks. One unorthodox but still permissible way I’ve seen some YouTubers use to promote their channels is posting their GIFs or teasers in public discussion boards. That in turn deal with topics similar to what the promoter’s YouTube channel t talks about. You can employ any innovative trick without appearing to be spammy. 

In conclusion, you have probably just thought about how some of the above strategies may provide advise. All on how to grow your youtube channel 2019. See what works and don’t give up is the key. Just keep going and you are more likely to see great results.