Are you looking to create a website for your business? Congratulations, you’re on the right track towards achieving business success. A website will help you survive the stiff competition in the market and make communication easy between you and your customers. The burning question is how much does a website cost to build.

Also, it’ll help your business establish an online identity and reputation. I know the burning question in your mind right now is, “How much will it cost to build a website?”

What you need to know is that a responsive website consists of different features, and they may all cost differently. Let’s look at some of these features to help you understand better.

A Domain Name & how much does a website cost to build

The first thing when building a website is the domain name. If you want a professional website, then you need a .com or a address in Australia. Not only does it make your site professional, but it also inspires trust in potential customers.

The cost of a domain name varies with different registrars, but you should expect to pay $5 – $20 a year. It’s also vital to note that your domain registration expires and must be renewed periodically, usually annually.

If you don’t know much about domain names, you can talk to your web designer, and they’ll advise.

Web Hosting

To run a successful website, you’ll need somewhere to store your files and make them accessible to your visitors.

If your goal is building a commercial website, then you need a good and reliable hosting package. Look for a hosting service that will offer enough storage space and excellent uptime.

The cost of hosting will depend on the domain name and the provider of your choice. However, you should expect costs of around $3 – $10 monthly depending on the package.

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Web Design and Development

After buying a domain name and subscribing for a hosting service, you’re not done. The next step is designing and developing.

Web designers will come up with a visual design based on your ideas and story, and then developers will transform that visual design into a working site.

What goes on during the design phase? You can compare a web designer to a home’s architect. He is responsible for visualising the appearance of the site, functionality, navigation, etc.

It emphasises on making things easy for the site visitors.

During web development, this is where the actual programming takes place. Developers, also known as programmers take the design created and proceed to build a responsive website using software tools and web languages such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP.

They ensure your site is working effectively and solve any problems that may arise during the use or maintenance.

How much will it cost to build a website during this phase? It’s hard to put a figure on these because it depends on your requirements and the web development company you choose.

The more you want your site to be customised, the more you’ll be charged. However, for a basic website, expect costs of $500 – $1000.


Content Management System

If you’re going to be adding content on your site, then you’re going to need a way to manage that content. A CMS or content management system makes the work of updating your site as easy as creating a word document.

It provides a way to control your site data without any programming needed. A CMS can be free or paid. While a free version saves you money, it limits lots of functions.

If you want access to a wide array of functions, choosing a paid one is a wise decision. Your web designer can advise on the best CMS based on your needs.

Extra Features

Depending on what you want to be doing with your site, you may need extra features such as apps, 3rd party services or additional plugins.

These too may cost some money. It’s vital that you determine the additional features needed, research their costs, and factor them into the overall cost of building a website.


Your site is now ready for use but, it’s not over yet. Website maintenance is very important, and you shouldn’t ignore it. It helps to keep the site up-to-date and solve commonly occurring problems. You should set aside a small budget for maintenance which may cost around $50 – $200.

Wrapping Up: What are the Average Total Costs of Building a Website?

As mentioned earlier, the total costs of creating a website will depend on your requirements, the complexities of the job, and the company you choose to build the site for you.

However, for a basic website in Australia, expect the total costs to be around $1495 – $2995. Take a step today to create a website and take your business online.