Firstly, lets look at the current and web design trends 2019. To date, the ever-growing web world has more than 2 billion websites and less than a billion active websites. Every day countless new websites are incorporated into the market to intensify the competition.

As a website owner, you need to embrace the latest ideas and follow the development trends. Furthermore, this will ensure that your website is noticeable by the active website users. It is unavoidable for the web developers to keep in touch with the future trends when designing an enterprise-grade website. After an extensive brainstorming, we have amassed the most prevalent predictions of the future and web design trends 2019 and beyond. Here are the website trends that are predicted to takeover by 2019.

Expect More Voice User Interfaces (VUIs) with The Future of Web Design

The leading tech companies are pumping billions of dollars into designing and improving their Artificial Intelligence assistants. For instance, Apple iOS, Siri, and Google Home are being used by millions of users across the world per month. This means that Voice User Interfaces are becoming much more popular in technology.

  •   It is anticipated that VUI will impact web design trends. With modernization of the way users search for info on the web in 2019.
  •   As website designers start to introduce more VUI functionalities into websites, you may come across interesting changes to sites like:
  •   Very Simple Designs and Templates – simplicity will be useful in keeping the main information conversational and straightforward to the user.
  •   Customer Journey Maps – this will help designers understand the needs of the customers, experiences. And know where to add in voice to enhance user interaction.
  •   Voice ID Logins – Artificial Intelligence has the ability to recognize individual faces and voices. Websites may start integrating similar technology for more secure sign-ins to social media, accounts, among others.

AI and Virtual Chatbot Will Start to Replace Human Assistance

As Artificial Intelligence becomes gradually more integrated into our lives. Websites will see Chat bots that can do much more than sending questions, answering typical questions, and managing complaints. Studies show that the chatbot tech markets will be worth billions of dollars by 2025.

The chatbot algorithms are anticipated to modernize the range of chatbot interfaces and will be linked to the leading social media sites. These developments are essential when looking at the future of Voice technology. This is so because the chatbot will have the ability to take over voice commands and talk from a unique messaging system integrated into the website.

In the end, this invention means that more and more sites will incorporate automatic chatbot features. That will eliminate the necessity for live chat assistance services. Also, contact forms and other features may be totally removed when the chat bots gain the ability to handle all incoming concerns and questions.


Gone are the days when users had to use a desktop computer to browse over the internet. With more and more impressive mobile technology like iDevices, Android devices. Wearable devices hitting the industry frequently, users have access to the internet anytime, anywhere. Most organizations recognize the necessity for a much more responsive website. As desktop internet usage has been gradually decreasing over the years while mobile increases. Most designers are opting to develop mobile-first over responsive websites because more than 60% of the web traffic is driven by mobile devices.

A mobile-first design takes your website beyond simply operating on mobile gadgets to give you a truly custom-made mobile experience. By 2019, there will be insignificant space for sites that are not catering to their mobile users.

Dynamic Content

In the context of web development and design, dynamic content denotes the content on a web page that changes based on the user’s interactions.

It means that two users viewing the exact same website might view totally different content depending on the things they accessed. The last time they visited the web page, their location, and the time of the day. Social media sites are good examples of dynamic websites.

Yes, dynamic content isn’t a new trend, but web designers are not using it fully. While most websites have hugely ignored this feature, the social sites are fully taking advantage of this special feature. However, it is expected that most websites will utilize this concept to enhance user experience and revolutionize target marketing for web design trends 2019.

Asymmetric Layouts

Currently, most websites in the world are grid-based. It is not that well-arranged homepages are outdated, but in 2019, asymmetrical layouts should receive adoptions. This being in a bid towards flourishing brutalism, individuality, enthusiasm and unbalanced fun. In particular, the personal websites are increasingly taking this idea to a notch higher.

The broken-grid structures are appealing thanks to their dodged assertiveness and perceived uniqueness.

Nevertheless, there is a need to embrace this feature. If you have a business that offers a lot of live content. You might consider incorporating asymmetric designs to enhance user’s web experience. Besides, websites can combine a dynamic background and asymmetric structure to make it effortless for the user when browsing the site.


There is nothing that influences web development trends more than user experience. In the end, The future of web design and the developer’s objective is to design the most practical and convenient application. For this reason, most sites developed in 2019 and beyond will be much more interactive.

An example of an interactive site is the eCommerce website. This type of website allows you to explore an item with a mouse click instead of flipping through hundreds of web pages. For instance, this feature enables you to select an item to buy on the basis of:

+  Price

+  Color

+  Manufacturer

+  Size

+  Make

In simple words, you will be able to change anything that does not have an impact on the product that you are purchasing. A few years ago, these features didn’t get much publicity due to the huge consumption of resources and the extended website load. However, the advancement of technology has made the feature much quicker.

Currently, it is quicker to wait for an interactive page to load rather than browsing through hundreds of ordinary pages.

Final Words

The advancement of technology will force the web design world to make drastic changes to user interfaces and web designs. From video content, more mobile sites, as well as the implementation of smart AI services. It is expected that revolutionary changes will be experienced in web design in 2019 and beyond.

You can only anticipate seeing websites becoming smarter, visual, and streamlined.