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How it works!

  1. Access the planning tool (below)
  2. Fill out the email you would like the PDF sent
  3. Research each topic specific to your event idea
  4. Fill in each section
  5. Click Submit
  6. The plan will be generated and sent to your email (PDF Attachment)
  7. If it hasn’t arrived with in 10 minutes please check spam folder
  8. If you would like access to the editable “Google Doc” – details below

The following Event Proposal generators are provided “FREE”. So you can establish if your event idea is viable or not*. Please feel free to use them as much as you like.

If you would like access to the editable Google Docs, once you have generated your PDF proposal,  please let us no. Access is $19.95 for a whole year (per year). If you have any questions please let us know. There is a contact form at the bottom of this page.Goto Contact Form. . .Each form generates a PDF, once submitted, and will form part of your free event proposal template.

The reason we have broken the generator up into sections is due to the amount of work each section requires. It would be devastating to do all the analysis & work and have it lost due to power failure or the like.Remember you can have 12 months access to the editable Google docs for $19.95 per year. Good luck with your proposal.

If you would like us to design your own specific event planning tool – please let us know. The options are many. Yes an interface design specifically to your specifications. Imagine cutting your planning time in half or even better. Check out our free tool below.



Event Proposal Part One.

  • Your Business/Other Name
  • Your Email (the PDF will be sent here)
  • Establish your goals and objectives
  • How many people do you expect to attend in person?
  • How much would you want to make?
  • How much do you expect each ticket to cost?
  • Where will your event take place?
  • Summary of Total costs.



Event Proposal Part Two.

  • Your Email (the PDF will be sent here)
  • Choose a format and theme.
  • Do you need to provide WiFi?
  • Does the venue have the infrastructure you need?
  • Are there local vendors you can rely on.
  • Select date for the conference and one backup date.
  • Compile a list of your ideal speakers.
  • your value proposition to potential speakers.
  • Who is going to attend and what are their contact details.
  • List of potential sponsors.
  • Summarise: what you can offer sponsors.
  • The rate of your sponsorship packages.



Event Proposal Part Three.

  • Finalise speakers.
  • Arrange travel and accommodation.
  • Choose your ticketing or registration technology.
  • Set your ticket prices.
  • Summarise the website objective and strategies.
  • Summarise: your website – interface expectations.
  • Summarise the message used to promote your event.
  • Summarise your marketing strategies
  • When will venue been secured and what are the requirements.
  • The event security needs.
  • Summarise special permits, licenses, and insurance needs.
  • Summarise event signage requirement.
  • Communication and Emergency Plans.
  • Schedule.



Event Proposal Part Four.

  • Your Email (the PDF will be sent here).
  • Summary of continuing attendee engagement.
  • Sponsor and Speaker Ongoing Engagement.
  • Vendor Engagement.
  • Strategy to sell/market unsold tickets.



Event Proposal Part Five (Final).

  • Your Email (the PDF will be sent here).
  • Summary Vendor Management.
  • Summary of Schedule Distribution.
  • Summary Speeches, Scripts & Presentations.
  • Catering and Vendor Final Briefing.
  • Audiovisual Final Briefing.

After the Events:

  • Attendee, Vendor and Speaker Survey.
  • Finalise all Payments.
  • Closing Summary.


Congratulations. You have completed your event proposal. This document should give you an understanding of the event viability. Thus, a plan that may help yourself and other manage a given event. Remember it is always a good idea to get professional help when establishing event plans.

* Disclaimer:
This document is provided in good faith and must only be used as a guide. Professional event managers must review and authorize the document prior to it becoming the complete event plan. Syncretic Web Developers (A division of Syncretic Training Pty Ltd) take no responsibility for inclusion or omissions that may or do mis-represent a complete and thorough event plan.