10 Key Element to an Ecommerce Website in Australia

10 Key Element to an Ecommerce Website

One could imagine that almost daily an entrepreneur thinks about starting an Ecommerce Website in Australia. As a matter of fact, it’s likely that established business managers also think how implementing an ecommerce strategy in their business may be a great marketing tool. In many respect this is quite correct and formulating such a strategy could bring untold success.

Ecommerce in Australia is really no different than anywhere else around the world. They all have one goal and that is to sell things online generally for money. Even so, there are a few ecommerce platforms that function like a shop but sell everything for free. 

Establishing the ecommerce meaning

It is not really a difficult meaning to establish but the e commerce definition goes something like this. By dividing the word into two parts we can quickly establish the meaning “e & commerce ”. The “e” is for electronics and “commerce” is the buying and selling of products. Putting the two terms together we get the selling and buying of products and services online.

How an ecommerce business works

Let’s say you have established that selling your products and services online would be beneficial to your lifestyle and future. The task of achieving this may seem a little daunting but as with most things in business it’s just another process and systems. All designed to list physical products or services in the virtual world of the internet. Then, when purchased in this virtual world the physical product or service is provided or sent to the buyer.So the first thing we do once the appropriate planning and goal setting is complete is develop an ecommerce platform, normally in the form of a website. `There are so many options here, but like with most things you purchase, some are better than others. There are interfaces like Wix which allow the business owner to build the online store themselves and make changes as they like. There are many advantages and disadvantages to these but they are outside the scope of this article.

On the other hand you can either learn how to plan and upload a complete ecommerce website. This gives you a whole lot of control over the process and how well it may or may not be ranked on the search engines. Again there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages

Current ecommerce trends seem to be moving towards minimalistic ecommerce website design. This may change in the next few years but seems to be driven by user experience. Thus, the speed of a website will contribute to a better user experience.Providing less bells and whistles will generally mean a faster ecommerce store.

What ecommerce platform should you use

Again there are so many options but let’s look at the establishment of your own platform. Ecommerce solutions are provided by many developer communities and include Joomla, Magento and Xoop just to name a few. Probably the most popular presently is WordPress. Organisations like Ebay and others use the  WordPress interface because of its functionality. It is suitable for developers or those with very little knowledge of website development.bread and veggies in the ecommerce store
shopping center and ecommerce combineOne of the great features of WordPress is its program called Woocommerce. Used by literally millions of website owners around the world. Ecommerce for wordpress is very functional and is constantly developing. Probably one of the best features is that generally a business can add and delete products even when a web development company has been used to establish the website.

There probably aren’t any ecommerce business ideas that couldn’t become a reality if using woocommerce and WordPress. It is a very powerful interface and there are plenty of examples one look at just to see if it will suit your idea.

Ecommerce marketing in the online world

There is no point having an ecommerce website in Australia if know one can find it. This is where search engine optimization, generally referred to as SEO, becomes important. Sticking with WordPress, there has been a lot of development and research undertaken in terms of ensuring that a website is able to be optimised for SEO. TThe most popular plugin or interface for this is Yoast. This plugin has been developed over many years and at the time of writing has over 3 million downloads.

There are so many aspects to SEO and  being able to place titles and descriptions for each page is just one thing Yoast can help you with. SEO is quite complex and it would always be advisable to ensure your website developer understands how to optimize your website for the search engines.

In conclusion

Whether you’re after a simple ecommerce store  or a large drop shipping website there are a lot of activities which must be undertaken. Therefore, even if you get an ecommerce agency to build you a website. The business owner should learn as much as possible about their website and how it works. 

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