Making a website eCommerce ready is very critical for event organizers especially those selling tickets.


The key role of having an eCommerce ready website for your event will be to advertise event tickets as well as making it easy for people attending to easily buy the tickets.

Furthermore, for this part of website, its unlikely that advertising will enhance the functionality so keeping thing simple can benefit the user experience.

  • One of the other factor you need to consider is navigation
  • Ensure you have defined the categories of your products.
  • There are those categories that will be for VIP’s or other seating arrangements
  • You can add different labels on them as well as indicating prices.
  • These categories should be on your main page rather than the side menu.
  • This will make it easy for the participants of the event to buy tickets with ease.



Ultimately, the objective of ticketing is to ensure the website is easy (user friendly) for visitors to find and buy tickets. Also, you can use layer navigation and direct users to different starting points.

An eCommerce ready website will make it very easy for event organizers to sell tickets with ease. Also, help the visitors attending to access these ticketing systems conveniently. In conclusion, ecommerce websites can be quite complex and need to be given the time and money required to plan and develop successfully.