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Brand Manager for Online users

Brand Manager

The Brand Manager is one of the keys to a successful business and some organisations put a lot of time and money into their brand. Have look at a local football game and you will see branding everywhere. One thing I have learnt over the years is that your online presence is an   important part of the Brand Manager – from your great looking website to your social media pages. Organisations are sending everything from payroll to admin and call taking online so not being online could be terminal for a business.

Google Plus One

One of the quickest ways to increase or decrease sales is Google reviews. If you haven’t seen them just make your way to Google and search for a popular local business. You should see some reviews on the right-hand side of the page. They are a great source of positive branding and can be used for both good and evil. There is no real way of altering the reviews unless you are the person that originally authored and placed the comments online.

Brand Manager and More Online Reviews

Many businesses may not be aware they are receiving feedback from customers on Google and if some are bad then intervention can stop a world of hurt to your brand. It pays not to get into a verbal spat with someone that has given an ordinary review as they will likely be seen as the victim and that won’t go well for you. It does though give you an opportunity to respond in a positive manner and hopefully sort the whole situation out.

A few bad reviews aren’t such a bad thing but if they start coming in thick and fast, well I probably don’t need to say anymore.The impact on a Brand Manager can be positive. Imagine if 10 people mention that they had a great meal at your restaurant and the service was excellent. This can almost go viral in the local area and the restaurant could even be overwhelmed with bookings.

It doesn’t matter how well you are performing, it is hard to get customers to go online and write something good about your business. Whereas, if you do something wrong they will be more than happy to write war and peace on how you did them wrong.   Whenever you can ask clients to write a review, do so, they are gold to your business. It may mean going over the top a little in relation to customer service but it will be great for your branding.

Expression of your professionalism

There is nothing more negative, in relation to branding than a website that looks like it may have been put together by someone with a hobby like interest in web design. The website is an expression of your professionalism and can contribute substantially to your brand’s worth.People want to know a little about your brand before they approach your business and often this is done online in the comfort of their home, or on a mobile application while they have some time outdoors.

Mobile Friendly and the Brand Manager

Responsive websites (mobile compatible) are one of the most effective ways of ensuring that when someone finds your business online that

they have a positive experience while looking. If you have ever taken a look at a website, on your mobile or tablet, which wasn’t optimised for these sorts of application, you will notice that the text is really small and its very hard to navigate around the page. If your website isn’t using responsive design then it is very likely that surfers on the internet who find your website are leaving as quickly as they found it. Designers don’t normally charge more for responsive designs because they have become pretty standard now anyway. As a side note – Google’s algorithms seem to be giving higher listings to those websites that can be viewed effectively on a mobile service. Positive branding outcomes are what you’re trying to achieve and what better way than a great website. I think I have identified how important online marketing is to your brand manager. One of the most important drivers of effective marketing is quality relevant data. All your online strategies should use some method of data gathering and analysis. There are many interfaces that can help with this including government statistics but one of the best sources is Google. If you don’t already have a free account it would pay to set one up. Then search webmaster tools and spend a few hours reading the wealth of information. Another great source of data is cPanel. This is generally totally free with most hosting accounts and you can identify where the clicks are coming from globally as well as other information.

The Why of your Business

Many companies tell consumers ‘what’ they are trying to sell with little emphasis being put on ‘why’. They will respond far better to a brand manager if your message indicates ‘why’ it will help them have a far better life. Brands that convince the consumer of the ‘why’ will more likely make the sale and when it comes to online sales this means you have also grabbed the sale from the competition.

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