Best Image Format for Web 2020

4-Other information about our pricingChoosing the best image format for web 2020 will enhance your WordPress website and best of all it comes with many benefits. Your WordPress site will be fast to load, you will have a better Google Page Speed, and you will require less storage on the servers. The format you use on your website will have an impact on the performance and quality of your website. In this article, you will understand the best image formats for WordPress website.

Even though, I don’t normally mention wordpress plugins that optimize image,there is one that stands out from the other. This is call “ShortPixel” it will optimize your image and reduce their size with little effect on quality. If you have many image it may cost a little but it is really worth it. Let look at the different 2020 formats

  1. JPEG

JPEG, which stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group, is one of the most used WordPress image formats for many websites.Since its introduction, it has continued to gain popularity due to the high compression levels and has millions of colors. If your website has complex images and has many colors, you should use JPEG. JPEG image format is advantageous as it can be easily compressed and optimized. The quality of images does not change even after compression.JPEG has different formats to choose, and they include JPEG 2000 and JPEG XR. These formats reduce the size of the images and make your web pages to load faster. JPEG format loads the images line by line and from top to bottom, which makes your website attractive. As the images start to load, the quality is low, and it increases as the image is fully loaded.

  1. PNG

PNG, which means Portable Network Graphics, is almost as popular as JPEG. PNG supports millions of colors. You can use PNG on images with high details and resolutions such as computer-generated graphics.

It is ideal for WordPress websites that use fewer color data images as PNG increases the quality of the images. Using PNG image format on your WordPress dashboard is very easy. You can customize your site and change the colors whenever you want.

Images with PNG formats are easily compressed when improving the quality of your site. If you have images that have both dark and bright backgrounds, you should use PNG as it allows all colors to remain sharp.

Once you save PNG images on your WordPress, the site will look attractive, and more visitors will visit your page. PNG also allows transparency, which means that the background is transparent, and each color is well visible and noticeable. Therefore, you can use PNG formats to create images for your business logos.

jpeg-Selecting Format for WordPress


  1. GIF

GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format. It produces high-quality images. However, it is not ideal for all types of photos. You should use this image format when you have simple images with less color range, such as icons. Additionally, you can use the format to create animated images for your WordPress site. It does not support total transparency, which means that some images will not have shadow effects. GIF supports 256 colors, which is not ideal for complex images and static images. Using GIF on your WordPress dashboard is easy. You can use the format to customize images to match the theme of your site.

  1. PSD

PSD stands for Photoshop Document. You can use the format to create and save your Photoshop images. It is ideal when you want to save images and edit them later.

Moreover, you can use it when you want to retain the details and quality of images when printing. It is the best image format for WordPress when maintaining the quality of the image for a long time.

It allows one to format and save large image sizes and at the same time, maintains the highest quality of the image.

PSD allows one to edit images with layers and add effects in this format. When saving the layered images, PSD ensures the images are not merged so you can edit anytime.

jpeg-Selecting the best Image Format for WordPress


  1. TIFF

TIFF stands for Tagged Image File Format. The formats are mostly used by designers and photographers for their WordPress site. It is ideal for formatting images that you want to store in your PC without losing any details and quality.

You can also use the format when printing images. Images saved with TIFF are large hence; you will need a device with more space.

  1. SVG

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics. It is one of the image formats for WordPress that loads faster. It is ideal when creating shapes, logos, and icons.

It is essential to understand the right image format for your WordPress site. Choosing the best image format for WordPress will improve the quality of your website and help your site to rank high.