If you can remember way back into the 1990’s, you might remember that during that time computer science careers were exploding. Let look at the background of cPanel hosting Australia. Continuing on.  There were more college graduates from the University of Queensland, Australia with degrees specializing in computers and technology than any other field.

Websites making millionaires

The dot com boom fueled the popularity of computer science as a career. For those entering the workforce and made overnight millionaires out of many who joined the field. At that time, it took a lot of skill and technical know-how to create and maintain a website. While there is still a lot of work to be had in the computer sciences field. A lot of them have gone by the wayside with the implementation of user-friendly interfaces. That allow just about anybody to build and maintain their own websites with very little technical computer knowledge. Among these user-friendly means of building and maintaining a website is cPanel host management.

cPanel hosting

What is cPanel?

In technical terms, cPanel is a Linux based program run on web servers that acts as a control panel for web hosting accounts. To simplify it even further, when you create a website.

cPanel host management is what you use to upload your information to a live domain. If you use Linux for hosting, you are more than likely going to end up with cPanel as your control panel.

 What are the Benefits of cPanel?

For many individuals and businesses, cPanel allows affordable access to shared web hosting. That means that a person or business can run their own websites for just a few dollars per year. However, affordable doesn’t mean poor quality. In fact, cPanel offers high quality options for web hosting with amazing customer service. Beyond being extremely affordable, the interface is incredibly simple to use. No longer is a degree in computer science required to figure out how to create and launch a live web domain. With cPanel, even somebody with the bare minimum of computer savvy and internet know how can launch their own website, blog, or e-commerce website.

An all in one cPanel Host Management

Additionally, cPanel also provides an easy way to create and manage email addresses, create and manage files. Create and manage databases, and a whole host of other features. It puts all of your vital statistics for your website in one place to quickly, easily, and conveniently manage and track the features of your website.

using cPanel hosting

With shared hosting sites, such as GoDaddy, SiteChisel, and WordPress among some of the most popular, the reason why your server space is so inexpensive is because you are basically buying part of a server.


You are given an allotted amount of space on that server based on whatever package you may have purchased. Files, data, photos, email accounts, shopping carts, forums, chats, and other features can quickly take up space in your shared server. cPanel host management allows you to quickly and easily manage all the different facets of your shared server space.

All of your vital statistics are conveniently displayed in one location. This allows you to quickly and easily make changes as necessary to optimize your website and keep it loading and moving smoothly.

Finding Web Hosts that use cPanel

Whether you prefer using a local company for web hosting or prefer a global business. You can generally quickly identify whether or not they use cPanel. Most Linux based servers will use cPanel, but the specifics of your preferred package details will tell you one way or the other. Twenty percent of web hosting servers overall use cPanel. If you are using a server that is not Linux based. You may not be able to use cPanel hosting Australia.

Technology and the future development

Technology has changed at such a rapid pace over the past several decades that it is often difficult to keep up with the latest and greatest.

In the past twenty years, creating, launching, and maintaining a website required the expertise of somebody who understood computer code. Who could write their own programs to perform the most basic tasks.

In conclusion

Today, it has become as simple as purchasing server space and a domain name. Creating a website requires a bit of time, but technology has made it simple enough for even the most technologically challenged able to do it themselves. using cPanel hosting in Australia has many advantages as identified above.

Part of that technology that has made it easier for the average person to create their own website is cPanel host management. This control panel allows users to conveniently manage their account in one space without costing a small fortune. It is simple, affordable, and gives high quality results.