What is an online event management system?

Event management programs is simply as the name suggests, specially developed online and offline programs. It is a broad range of business solutions that cover the various aspects of organizing an event. From the Trade exhibitions, Convention, Professional & Academic conferences and any other small or large event.Today, over 80% of professional event planners from all over the world. Are actually using the event management programs to some degree. Therefore, after programs were proven to help event planners achieve successful metrics.


  •   Revenue.
  •   Team building.
  •   Revenue.
  •   Attendee satisfaction.

So, what are the benefits of using these online event management programs?

Benefits of using an event management programs.


1)    Bring together, different teams.

The biggest challenge for event planners some years ago was consolidating the efforts of different teams when planning an event.

Normally, every event has a number of teams that are working towards the same goal, which is the success of the team. These teams may include travel management, logistics, sales & marketing, accounting etc.


To make sure that all these teams work with proper coordination, was a hard task. However, with appropriate event management programs, the efforts of all the teams are coordinated easily making sure that the consistent output. A good example is that, when planning an event, there is the set budget, if the budget is changed, with the event management programs, every manager involved will be able to see the changes, therefore, working with the current budget. This involves changing the venue, changing the menu etc.

2)    Automation.

We are in the digital days when almost everything should be made easier by computer technology; event planning is among these activities. With a good event management program, you can automate some of the processes.


This helps in 3 main ways;

  •   Reduce overall cost: Most of the event planning budget has been previously used up by the inclusion of contractors and personnel to handle the minor tasks. With an event management program, you can automate some crucial processes such as data management, payment processing, self-service registration, auto-responders etc. rather than hiring someone to handle them
  •   Reduce human error: “Human is to error”. No man would proudly say they can’t make an error. In doing some of the minor tasks like data management, one can easily key in the wrong data interfering with so many aspects of the event. With computer technology, this is quite hard as long as the computer is given the correct commands. Therefore with a good event management program, you will reduce the chances of costly human errors.
  •   Efficient working: With a good event management program, you can easily send invitations to all your guests and also sent “thank you” emails with just a few clicks.

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3)    Snapshotting.

With a good event management program, you can easily see the organization of the event so as to rectify error or issues that may affect the goal of the event. A good example using the various tools of the programs, you can tell the target prospects that have already bought their ticket, those that are likely to attend the event based on some historical records or those that require emails to push them to attend.This makes the event management programs very crucial instead of blindly waiting for people to attend your event.

4)    Targeted marketing.

Planning an event is not over until the targeted audience actually enters through the door of the venue. With the best event management programs, you can use the tool features to bring up conversations of the same on social media and attract follower-ship of your event.

You can use the power of the social media platforms to actually influence the offline masses also to purpose to attend your event. Remember, most people fail to attend an event to the lack of a clear explanation of the goal of the event.

Social media involvement and conversations answer your target audience the question, “why?” Moreover, the feedback you get from the online communities can go a long way to helping you polish various aspects of the event.

Some of the common event management programs to use today include;

  •   WordPress
  •   Cvent.
  •   Eventbrite.
  •   Eventzilla.
  •   XING Events.

In short, an event management program helps you as the event planner to market the even, allow online registration, event management, database management, event budgeting, event reporting and surveying for feedback from various players.

In conclusion, event management programs have proven their worth. So every event planner should find these technological advanced resources useful.