Have you ever visited a website then a warning popped up about the security of the website you were about to visit? Well, this is just letting you know that the website you’re about to visit is not considered secure. The main questions we would like to answer in this post is, “do SSL certificates affect search rankings”. The simple answer is yes, but let’s look at many of the factors relating to SSL and rankings.

Defining the benefit of an ssl certificates Australia

The SSL Certificate (Secure Socket Layer) can simply be defined as public infrastructure that helps to establish a very secure connection between the server and client via the secure protocol-HTTPS. Some years back, the SSL Certificate was not a mandatory requirement for website owners, but today it is has become a big feature of google algorithms. Australia is among the countries in the world where hackers will not give web users a peace of mind. They are either waiting to steal identification documents, credit card numbers, social security numbers, etc.Due to this issue, Google has been doing everything within its power to make sure innocent web users do not fall prey. Ensuring that developers understand the benefits of an SSL Certificate.

Do ssl certificates affect search rankings

Benefits of an SSL Certificate.


 Protecting data.

As mentioned above, an SSL certificate mostly establishes a secure connection between the server and the client. In a website that has an SSL certificate, your data as the web user is safe. As no unauthorized persons can access it. If the website does not have the ssl certificates Australia.

Hackers can easily hack into the website and steal your crucial information such as credit card numbers, passwords, or IDs. The documents may be used to commit illegal activities such as cyber-crimes. 

 For the website owner, SSL certificates are also crucial in making sure that no private information is exposed to hackers such as voucher numbers and promotional codes. 


Search engine ranking.

When you create a website for your business in Australia, you obviously want to reach many people worldwide. This is often made possible by achieving a high ranking of search engines such as Google. Google made some changes in 2014 concerning the ranking of websites. Google altered its algorithm to better the chance for HTTPS-enabled websites to rank better than other sites.

You will, therefore, require an SSL certificate if you want your business to benefit from search engine ranking.

 With the SSL certificate, your brand value is also boosted. The conversion rate in websites with the SSL certificate has shown to rise in the recent past as Australians tend to trust these site more.



Confirming the identity of a business.

You have probably heard about fake websites that conned innocent people thousands of dollars. Such websites are able to do this since they have not installed an SSL certificate. Normally, to acquire an ssl certificates Australia, you must undergo a long process of verification. By an independent party referred to as the CA (Certificate Authority).  The institution verifies the legitimacy of your organization and the website before giving you rights to acquire the SSL Certificate that acts as proof that your business or website is verified.When you have the SSL certificate, trust indicators show on your website. Proving to your target web visitors that your website is safe and secure for them.

Satisfaction of PCI/DSS requirements.

If you are planning to create an E-commerce website in Australia. You already know that you must safeguard the information of your clients. Since not all e-commerce websites might be designed to help online customers, there are requirements you must satisfy before your website can be approved for online transactions.

The SSL certificate is one of the twelve requirements, but the benefits of an SSL Certificate can’t be emphasis enough here.

Your website will not definitely operate without this certificate. If you visit an E-commerce site such as OzBargain. You will see the trust sign that proves the organization has an SSL certificate on their site. 

Improve customer trust.

Today, Australians are very cautious on the websites they visit. Often this can be attributed to by an internet campaign against hackers.

Research has it that 50% of internet users will not continue on a site without the trust sign. They will close the website and go to a safer site.

This bounce rate is not good at all for any website may it be a lead generation or E-commerce website in Australia.

Internet users will also go to the extent of looking for the legitimacy of your organization from your details. If none, they will bounce to another website. The OV or EV SSL certificate allows complete transparency of your organization.

In conclusion

The issue of the SSL certificate being mandatory is today being felt by many businesses. Google had given the ultimatum in 2018. So this year, you will see so many websites that are not HTTPS-enabled. Thus they may be flagged by browsers. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox were the first to take this step. It is predicted that many more browsers will follow suit. In the near future, a website without an ssl certificates Australia is likely not to function at all.